Need to match the interior of your room? Don't want to see the projection screen on your wall when the projector is off?

We are the only manufacturer in the world producing screens in the colour of your choice.

Match Any Decor. You provide a colour chip, name, or RAL/hex value and we will custom blend your choice into our patented ultra fine formulation.

Everything you love about projections screens without the boring rectangle on the wall. Now you can seamlessly match any screen to any decor. Just provide the colour information of your choice and we will send you a HD, 3D active, 4k ready custom single formulation ready to paint onto any surface.

 Send us the RAL and we will match your screen.

Very discreet projection screen for environment-conscious installations.

Excellent gain retention, no hot-spotting, and precise colour match.

Final colour correction is performed through your projector settings.

Supports HD, 4K, and 8K projection resolutions.