3D4K Projection Screen Paint

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Polarized 3D

Micro Projection Applications

3.8 Gain

Shade Level 8 

Low Ratio of Extinction. Very High Polarization Retention. 110 degree viewing angle. 2D and 3D applications.

3D4K preserves the image depth and definition provided by high-contrast projectors and so is very popular with gamers and graphic designers. It is also the coating of choice for Excel users.

Paint On Screen is the leading single-coat projection screen paint that allows anyone to paint a screen onto any surface. Our technology makes creating a projection screen extremely cost effective. In less than an hour you can paint a vivid 2D or brilliant silver 3D screen with picture perfect 1080p HD and even 4K Ultra HD clarity.

  • 1080P HD, 3D, and 4K Ultra HD Compatible
  • 3D Passive and Active Shutter Compatible
  • Premixed Water Soluble / Water Based Formula

 1 quart will coat 4 square metres of projection surface.

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