Ultimate Contrast Projection Screen Paint

  • €139.00
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Level 7 Shade  ♦  2.0 Gain

Product Name: S1 Ultimate Contrast

Designed for high ambient light environments. A bright projection screen with tons of contrast makes this a workhorse for any environmental challenge.

Gain: 2.0

Resolution: HD 1080p, 4K Capable

3D Capable: Active Shutter

Color: Grey Silverish

Apply: Roll or Spray

Viewing Angle: Wide 150 degree cone

1 quart will coat 4 square metres of projection surface.

Customer Review

"What an eye-opener. When we converted our garage into a flexible multi-purpose space with nice new walls we had an idea about having a projector and pull down screen so we could watch films in there as I’ve worked as a film critic for years and a have a ridiculous number of DVDs. And videos. And laserdiscs. And...well, you get the idea.  

I did a lot of reading up online about sizes and ratios and tensions and mounts and materials – it soon gets complicated – and found some mentions of painted screens: not just using the existing wall, but special paint . The more I looked, the more I was drawn to what Paint On Screen offered an in particular their Ultimate Contrast paint. Not the cheapest, but far less costly and less faff than getting even a basic screen would have been.  And it meant we could have a screen just as big as our wall allowed.  So we went ahead and ordered the paint.Nothing to do with Paint on Screen who were very helpful throughout but at first things did not go smoothly – top tip, before painting the screen on your wall make absolutely sure your builders aren’t going to then want to run a cable down the middle of it!  All was soon resolved and we now have something that outperforms even my best hopes for a home cinema screen.When it’s dark it lets us watch perfect high definition images – better than many cinemas and screening rooms I frequent. Even when it’s light the pictures are surprisingly good. And when not in use the large silvery grey rectangle of paint just looks like a tasteful bit of decoration. We had thought this would be something we would use occasionally but having routed our TV feed and games consoles through there as well, we are spending most of our viewing time discovering that everything from Mario Kart to news programmes look better on our fabulous big painted screen."

Dr Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4.