Choosing the Right Formula

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Paint On Screen interior and exterior paints are produced in a range of formulas to make the most of every system's projector and environment. Guidelines below will help in your decision making, and a member of the Paint On Screen Europe team is always available to talk about your projection system and its specific requirements.


Major considerations when selecting the right Paint On Screen formula for your projection surface include:

  • Control over the lighting in your environment
  • Lumens and contrast produced by your projector
  • Color requirements


If you have no control over the light in your projection environment, Figure 1 below can provide Paint On Screen's recommended formulas for varying levels of Lumens and Contrast created by your projector.


Figure1: Paint On Screen formula recommendations for bright environments



If you can exclude natural and artificial light sources, Figure 2 can provide Paint On Screen's recommended formulas for best results include:


Figure 2: Paint On Screen formula recommendations for controlled environments


Shade level can also be an important factor, if you are painting a wall instead of a screen and need the paint color to match or complement its surroundings. Paint On Screen's formulas come in a range of colors from white and silver-white to true silver screen. 



1 - Pure Mica White

2 - V1

2 - Digital Theatre White

5 - Screen Paint Silver

7 - Ultimate Contrast

8 - 3DHD










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